How I found the Vespa

as I found front   as I found back
front view   back view 

I found the Vespa  in January 2003 in a cellar in Switzerland. 

The first impression was worse than it actually was. Of course there was a lot dust and dirt on it. But I noticed that with cleaning and polish the original color appeared again... I was very happy that the engine was not seized so I turned the wheel carefully.

Of course there were some parts missing: Yes I know you would say, aha, the light switch and the rear light.

BUT NO, there were both there in a good condition! Also the claxon was by the Vespa. Missing parts:

The right side cover
The cover for the cooling fan
The front lamp glass and the bezel
The speedometer

I decided to do only a partial restoration, means disable everything, clean all the parts, add a lot of grease and put it together again. I replaced all the rubber parts and all the cables. The engine I dismantled completely.

© 2006 by Thomas Hitz