Collection of sig. Spinacci

On a jurney in summer 1999 I met per case this man.

I asked for old Vespas (year 1960, ...9, he smiled and told me to follow.

He had the most beautiful collection, I've ever saw, but I didn't realize.

A Vespa 98, talaio *1071* (!!!) it's certainly one of the oldest existing Vespa (1. serie).

Today, a collector from Milano bought his collection.

Vespa 98 (1. serie !!!)


and there was also a Vespa 98 (4. serie), perfectly conservated....

Vespa 98 (4. serie )

Vespa v98 from 1947

If you own a Vespa 98 (1946 or 1947) please let me know or even if you know somebody who does.

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