Partial restoration


I decided to do only a soft restoration, means dismantling everything, cleaning all the parts, adding a lot of grease and putting it together again. I replaced all the rubber parts and all the cables. The engine I dismantled completely.

What I did:

1. I dismantled the Vespa completely
2. Giggo closed the three gashes (holes) on the backside and the little tear in the front shield. 
3. After that Carlos repainted that parts with the original color.
4. Rene bumped out the left side cover (without losing the original color!) He made the cover fit again to close the side cover. He aligned the fender in the front and fitted in the bezel for the lamp.
5. I had to have a new speedo cable.
6. We opened the engine, reground the crankshaft, replaced the piston, changed all ball bearings, all oil rings, changed the clutch, changed the selector fork sealed the motor and assembled the engine.
7. I changed both tries (Continental LB) and all cables.
8. I found a man who built for me the missing side cover in aluminum.
9. I  inserted the engine again and connected it. 
10. The hardest part: Fit in the new side cover onto the body of the Vespa.
11. Connect and check all the electrics 
12. Clean the petrol tank by using pieces of broken glass
13. Ask for an appointment by the "Strassenverkehrsamt" and show the Vespa there.


Special thanks to:

Mr. ***** for selling me that Vespa
Ralph  for the excellent support with spare parts that are not available and the general will to help.
Lucien  for the marvelous help with spare parts and especially for the big help with the engine (without his help the scooter were still broken).
Rene Hosak for the marvelous carosserie works with aluminum
Giggo Hosang for the carosserie works
Carlos Capararo for the excellent repainting
Reto Padrutt for the general support
Mr. Fristensky for the speed string
Jorg for being my friend and for forcing me to ask and ask and ask again for that Vespa. And for the wonderful moments of "stuuna"
Tina for being the loveliest person in the world and for having so much understand for my passion.  
all the others for the enormous help and support


Her soft restauration (February 2003)


The Vespa is now riding !

Those photos are from the frist ridings. In the last two picts you can see the working test.

Die letzen beiden Fotos zeigen die Vespa auf der MFK, während dem Vorführen.

The very first ride !

The examination drive on the MFK !

© 2006 by Thomas Hitz