Infos Vespa 'U'

The Vespa “U” was built as saving model. The selling price in Italy amounted to at that time lire xxx. - thus only lire 20'000. - less than a normal Vespa. The idea with the U-model was probably therefore not established :)

Vespa 125 U (Utilitara)
General information Production year 1953
Frame number VU1T 1001 - VU1T 7001
produced pieces 6'000
Dimensions Length 1680 mm
Width 790 mm
Wheel base 1160 mm
Height 950 mm
Weight 78 kg
Tire 3,50 x 8"
Technology engine VU1M 2Taktmotor
1:25 Öl-Benzin-Mischung
Einzylinder 124,85 cm (56,5x49,8)
4,5 PS bei 5000/min
Compression 1:6,4
Tank 6,25 Liter, davon 0,65 Liter Reserve
Clutch Three-disk clutch
Transmission Three-course, circuit at the left guidance grasp
Gasoline consumption 2,3 l / 100 km
Maximum speed 65 km/h
Characteristics Signature up-painted
colour Pastellgrün (piaggio-code 334), Max Meyer 1.298.6334
Shock absorber in front is missing

The engine is mixed together. It is 1951 engine V30 with parts from the later 1953 engine.

Cylinder and cylinder head 1951
Crankshaft 1951
Fan cover 1951
Cylinder head cover 1951
Exhaust 1951 the final pipe is however on the left like the 1953 Vespa.
Carburetor 1951 TA 17B
Air cleaner 1951 without Chocke
Clutch 1953
Transmission 1953
Ignitionplate 1953
Flywheel 1953
Special Rubber buffer on the ignition cable (in place of Bekelit)

Tread strips from aluminum (without rubber extrusions) silimar APE Trittleisten
Kickstart from aluminuim (without rubber shoe) like VN1
Brake pedal from raw aluminum (without rubber shoe) like VN1
Spark plugs cable in place of bakelite covers it has a rubber buffer -
Signature dark-green up-painted -
Gas cap Quick click like APE
Lamp in front above, diameter 95 mm like Allstate
Steering wheel painted, in car color like Allstate
Fork without shock absorbers, like Vespa until 1950 like Allstate
Stand galvanized, no rubber shoes like VN1
Seat smaller than at the 1953 model like VN1
Engine cheek out of sheet metal, with five screws screwed onto the framework, Engine cheek does not have to be removed to change spark plug . As is the case for the Vespa TAP?? -
Side cheek Metal, very narrowly, no hook, with screws directly on the framework -
Fender in front out of sheet metal, very narrowly, with bend over the torque tube -
Gasoline cock on the inside, 3 positions (closed, openly, reserve) like VN1
Taillight from 1953 like VM1
Light switch from 1953 like VM1
Steering wheel lock doesn't exist -

Characteristics of a Swiss Vespa 'U'

The model was imported 1954 into Switzerland. The numbers of the imported vehicles varieren depending upon source between 4 and 8 pieces. The Vespa U was type-examined on 4 June 1954. The importer made a set of changes particularly for Switzerland:

Tacho Vespa (VDO), scale to 70 km/h, gold, only with a screw at the front metal installs. Winkeltrieb to the rear wheel.

Theft safety device Because no steering wheel lock was present, the importer attached a lock with the carburetor flap. So the thief could not open the Gasoline cock.
Number supporter in front Is missing unfortunately only the holes are still there.
Combination brake brake the rear wheel is also braked (turning both feet off at the mountain makes possible during braking).

But the original brake pedal had to be removed, because the second rope could not have been installed otherwise.

Steering stop The Swiss vehicle control required a steering stop. Because that is missing with the Vespa U a larger saddle was been used (of the model 1951), so that the steering wheel lines up there.

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